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iPhone Personal Medical Device

Tracking your health from your iPhone with Tympani is easy. Caring Things has developed Tympani as an iPhone personal medical device.  You can make sure you are using the device correctly and that you will not injure yourself or another when using the device. By using the iPhone ear thermometer correctly, you can also extend the longevity of the unit and ensure it lasts for years of convenient use.

Simple Use

Tympani iPhone personal medical device works with the Caring Things mobile app. You must download the app from the Apple app store and install it on a device. The mobile device you are using has to be compatible with the application in order for it to work.  

The infrared sensor and ear probe device connects to the 3.5mm headphone/microphone jack. You can connect it with the cord that comes with the device or you can connect it directly to your iPhone jack. Once the app is loaded on your device, you need to click on the icon that reads “body” to take a temperature reading. If you plan to take a surface reading, click on “surface.”

The probe is placed gently inside the ear. The probe is made in such a way that it will not go too far into the ear and there is no need to force it.

Simple Safety Measures

When it as an iPhone personal medical device, stop using it if you note any discomfort from using the device.  It should not hurt to put the probe in your ear and if you are experiencing pain, you may be damaging the inner ear canal.

If you have a medical issue like Otitis externa, which is inflammation of the inner, most ear canal, or Otitis media, middle ear inflammation, you should avoid the use of the smart ear thermometer until you fully recover from the condition. Using the inner ear thermometer may prove to irritate the existing condition or it may exacerbate your pain.

If you have just showered, bathed, went swimming or if your inner ear is wet for any reason, you should not use the ear thermometer until the inside of the ear dries. The inside of the ear being wet might alter the temperature readings the unit is suppose to detect.  The same goes if you are outdoors in the cold for a time: This can influence the accuracy of the temperature reading so give yourself a few minutes to warm up before attempt to track your temperature with the iPhone smart medicine tool.

The unit is not waterproof either, so it should not be allowed to get wet at any time. You should not disassemble the unit, and doing so could void the warranty that comes with the iPhone health accessory. It is advised that you keep your hand away from the infrared sensor and that you do not touch the lens of it: It will transfer dirt and oils from your hand if you do.

Following the above safety rules will not only help keep you your healthiest, but it will help you in keeping this useful and sensible health tracking tool in good condition. As it remains in good condition, the Tympani can serve you and your family members for years to come. You can establish separate accounts for every person in the family and record their body temperatures for future doctor visits and discussions.  By following the care instructions provided, you are maximizing the usage you will derive from the Tympani smart ear thermometer.