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iPhone Healthcare Tracker from Caring Things

The Tympani smart ear thermometer is ideal for an iPhone healthcare tracker detecting body temperature abnormalities. When thinking about body temperature abnormalities one immediately thinks of fever, but a person can also have a body temperature that is too low and indicative of a disease or serious underlying health issue. In fact, some people need to make it a part of their daily regimen to measure their body temperature. By monitoring the temperature daily with Tympani, the individual can act quickly if an issue is identified by an increase or decrease in body temperature.

Tracking your health from your iPhone has never been easier, thanks to the creation of the iPhone Ear Thermometer. Some of the everyday uses of the iPhone as a personal medical device include:

Fever detection:  The most common use for an ear thermometer is for detecting a fever. It is a good idea to track one’s temperature to see if there is a repeat presence of a low-grade fever: It could indicate an underlying illness.

Ovulation: If attempting to have a baby and a female is tracking her ovulation, the period when she is not ovulating her body temperature will range between 96 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the ovaries release one or more eggs, the basal body temperature of the female will rise about .5 degrees. A daily tracking and recording of one’s temperature with a good degree of accuracy is important if you are determining when you are ovulating and looking to increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant. The Tympani can help you identify those subtle fluctuations in body temperature.

The efficacy of fever-reduction medication: You might want to track medicine taken for the purposes of reducing a fever. Over the counter remedies for pain relief and fever reduction are powerful medicines, but they do not work in every situation. If you take a fever reducer and the fever persists or worsens, you can track your temperature with the Tympani and contact a medical professional for more assistance if necessary.  Using an iPhone healthcare tracker would make it easier to communicate with your physician for more accurate diagnoses while on the phone.

Other Uses for the Tympani

The iPhone healthcare tracker uses tools – like Tympani – will help in improving the way people diagnose illness and track symptoms. In addition to the ovulation tracking, fever tracking and recording, and checking on the efficacy of fever-reducing medications, an ear thermometer is convenient during emergencies involving potential issues with hypothermia and detecting if the body temperature has dropped to low. Likewise, an excessively high body temperature can result in hyperthermia: Another issue the Tympani can detect. The body temperature also changes when there is a presence of a disorder or disease: Such is the case with the temperature in people who have hypothyroidism, Type II Diabetes, and Lupus.

Hypothyroidism/Hyperthyroidism:  Did you know that one of the fastest methods for discovering you might have an issue with your thyroid is by simply taking your body temperature? Dr. Broda O Barnes is responsible for developing what is now known as “The Basal Body Temperature test.” The thyroid is responsible for controlling cellular metabolism, so if the thyroid is under functioning it can result in a change in the body temperature. The normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit. If, over the course of a three-day period, the body temperature runs below 97.8 degrees, it is possible you have hypothyroidism. If the body temperature is over 98.6-Fahrenheit degrees or 37 degrees Celsius, it can be indicative of the opposite and you might want to talk with your doctor about being tested for hyperthyroidism. For accurate testing of one’s basal body temperature, upon first waking in the morning you can use the Tympani to record an accurate temperature reading. Do the test at the same time each day for three days consecutively.

Type I/Type II Diabetes:  Individuals who suffer from Type I Diabetes tend to have lower core body temperatures and this is due to the fact that insulin tends to heat the body. If the body temperature falls below 97 degrees Fahrenheit it may indicate the presence of Type I Diabetes. Additionally, while one might believe the elevation of insulin levels in the body in a person with Type II Diabetes would actually make the individual’s body warmer, it does the opposite by cooling it. With Diabetes present, the metabolic processes change as do fat burning processes. The end result is extremities like the toes, fingers, legs, and arms that are actually colder, not warmer. In fact, a high temperature in a Diabetic is indicative of something amiss, like the presence of potential infection. Tympani is an excellent tool as an iPhone healthcare tracker for catching one’s temperature and keeping secondary issues stemming from diabetes in check.

Lupus: This is a sinister autoimmune disease that often mimics other diseases. It can have a nasty affect on the body’s organs and the condition results in flares where the individual goes through periods of pain, inflammation, and illness that worse than when a flare is not present. This disease is also associated with a low-grade fever that tends to occur during a flare. The use of the Tympani can help a person with Lupus identify when a flare might be in the offing by noting the smallest changes in body temperature over the course of time.