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The iPhone Ear Thermometer: A Fast and Accurate Means for Body Temperature Collection

The iPhone Ear Thermometer, otherwise known as the “Smart Ear Thermometer” or “Tympani,” is available so you can collect body temperature measurements efficiently, accurately, and more quickly. The unit detects temperature measurements with a device that works in a similar matter that other ear thermometers do; you will be using a device to gather temperature information from the ear canal without injury to the individual or patient. The name is rooted in the word tympanic, which is a reference to the tympanic cavity within the middle ear (this is where the unit detects a body’s temperature once you have inserted the thermometer into the ear).

The sensor unit for this device is small, light and portable. It plugs into the same place you would insert your headphones. The small unit features an infrared sensor at the tip, a probe, and a headphone plug. The sensing unit is safe to use and will not injure the ear when it is inserted into the canal for temperature collection. The device is a practical development and one that will collect the body temperature reading of anyone of any age.  The iPhone Ear Thermometer is available as a white unit with a single band of color near the base of the unit.  The strip of color comes in light green, blue, red, or purple.

Benefits of Tympani

This revolutionary method of detecting body temperature is associated with many advantages. The unit helps the user track wellness with easy to monitor infrared temperature readings. Additional advantages include the following:

  • It works within a period of two seconds.
  • The speed of detection makes it an ideal device to use on fidgety or irritable children to get an accurate body temperature reading.
  • You do not need batteries to operate the device since it serves as a peripheral device that connects to your cell phone.
  • The iPhone Ear Thermometer is suitable for people of all ages.
  • The unit is small and the price tag is reasonable.
  • It is the first thermometer of its kind that works with tele-medical visits/chat sessions with a doctor in a virtual realm.
  • Measures the temperature of not just the human body, but liquids and surface temperatures so you can make sure baby’s bottle is perfect before giving it to the child.

Safety and the Tympani’s Design

The sensor and probe on the Tympani, a product that is a convenient iPhone smart medicine tool, have an intelligent design that prevents ear injury during the temperature collection process. Once you connect the unit to your iPhone, you can insert the tip of the sensor inside the ear canal of the person who is having a temperature evaluation. You can even insert the device in your own ear so you can track your body temperature. The eardrum and inner ear tissues produce infrared heat. The iPhone ear thermometer detects this heat and can collect information on the heat temperature within a few seconds of device insertion.  During temperature collection, the inner ear, eardrum, and the surrounding tissues remain uncompromised and uninjured: The sensor and probe host a design consisting of a unique shape: One that prevents injury when inserting the unit in the ear. Only the upper tip of the unit enters the ear and it only has to remain inserted for a few seconds to sense and read the information it needs to detect.

The Tympani is an ideal thermometer for the home and the medical office. It is a great travel health tool too, for those who need to monitor their temperature on a regular basis or who might need access to an accurate thermometer during travels. With the Tympani, you can actually use your iPhone as a personal medical device. Studies reveal that ear temperature values are an excellent means for collecting such data because using a tool to detect a person’s temperature via the ear does not hinder the person from hearing or talking while the temperature is being collected. Ultimately, the oral temperature is one subjected to environmental factors that can flaw the temperature collection results as well. Smoking, eating/drinking, and even talking can end up providing you with a faulty reading: Thankfully, all of the latter is a non-issue with Tympani.