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iPhone Health Accessories: Monitoring with Your Device

The Tympani is one of the first iPhone health accessories, and it’s incredibly easy to use. There is no danger of ear injury since the small, light, well-designed ear insert featuring the infrared sensor is made so it can move too far into the ear canal. To take your body temperature it takes less than a few seconds to install the light mobile app that works with the thermometer. Connect the probe to your device by using the cord the device comes with or plug it directly into the microphone/headphone 3.5 mm jack. 

Tracking Your Health from Your iPhone

An iPhone smart thermometer is one of the latest additions to the line of iPhone health accessories you can use to track your health. The app that works with the thermometer is the new Caring Things mobile app available at the Apple Store. The icons are easy to understand and there is no noise or clutter on the screen making it difficult to figure out how to use the device – this is as it should be, because using a medical device should be easy. A simple pop out menu appears in the upper left corner of the screen. This menu gives you control over:

  • The temperature reading and whether it appears as Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Recording your height in centimeters or feet
  • Recording your weight in kilograms and pounds

Along the bottom edge of the mobile app for use with the iPhone ear thermometer, you will see the following icons: Temperature, Timeline, Plus Sign, Reminder, and Account Settings. Each of the icons allows you to do as follows:

Temperature icon: This icon looks like a classic thermometer. It is associated with the first page that loads when you open the Caring Things app on your compatible iOS device. The screen presents you with three simple choices. A white button that reads “body,” a purple botton that reads “surface,” and a pink button that reads, “Take temperature.” To collect a body temperature, you use the body button. To test the surface area temperature of something, you tap the “surface” button. With either choice, to activate your selection you must click the “take temperature” button afterwards.

Timeline: The icon for the Timeline feature in this easy to use app is to the direct right of the Temperature icon. It appears as three long lines and a short line. When you tap on the timeline button, it brings you to a new window where you will see your profile and the other profiles you have loaded into the device. This feature allows you to track your body temperature over the course of time.

Personalizing Your Readings with Details: A big pink square with a plus sign is a button allowing you to add an account to the app. It also allows, you to monitor the temperature you gather for that time and use Emojis to indicate how you are feeling at the time you take the temperature. The Emojis include smilies for all of the following statuses: Well, Depressed, Nauseous, Weak/Fatigued, Hot, Chilled, Sweaty, Chilly, Headache, and Dizzy. The app allows you to capture a photo of yourself at the time if you desire, and you can add some notes in the box at the bottom of the screen.

Reminder: There is a bell icon that serves for the reminder tool. Tapping on it will allow you to a reminder to take your temperature – this is convenient for accurately tracing your temperature over the course of hours, days, or weeks. You simply tap on the reminder icon, tap the plus icon in the upper right corner to add a reminder, and choose the time, whether you want the reminder to repeat and when, and you can even write your own label for the reminder. When the time occurs for the reminder to trigger, a pop up box appears on your device listing your reminder and the label you selected at the time you have chosen.

Account Settings: A gear icon opens up to where you can set up multiple accounts and add all your family members.

As iPhone health accessories go, the Caring Things app that accompanies the super easy to use Tympani thermometer is one of the most convenient and straightforward apps on the market. The lack of bells and whistles is what makes the app most appealing. You will not spend time playing around with useless or unnecessary features, and the app’s straightforward design makes for ease of use. In fact, the simplicity of the device will have it serving as an iPhone health hub of temperature monitoring for every member of your family.