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iPhone Health Hub in the New Tympani iPhone Smart Thermometer

Tracking your health from your iPhone becomes easier by the day. Every day new apps are uploaded to the Apple App Store that are related to health and well-being, but none of these health-related mobile apps can rival the iPhone Smart Thermometer and Caring Things mobile app. The iPhone Smart Medicine technology consists of an innovative application that helps you capture and record your body temperature or that of someone else. The app works in a way that allows you to establish separate accounts for tracking other family members: This makes the device an iPhone health hub for the entire family. Read on to find out about some of the benefits that come from using this innovative medical technology!

  • Amazing portability – Tympani is one of the smallest thermometers ever made
  • To use Tympani, all you need is the unit and the companion app
  • The app for the unit’s operation is light and a fast installation
  • Tympani plugs into your phone’s 3.5mm jack
  • The app allows for wellness tracking
  • No batteries required
  • Pocket-sized device
  • Impressive accuracy with concise temperature readings
  • Gathers data in two seconds or less
  • Sensor and probe designed with safety in mind so it cannot be pushed too far into the ear

Just what is it that is so special about the Tympani? There are many reasons this device will prove an exceptional tool that you can use with your iPhone as a personal medical device. First, the unit allows you to collect the body temperature data through ear insert. The tracking of a temperature from the inner ear allows for accurate body temperature readings. The unit records temperature findings for later access or for sending to a physician. The Tympani is a unit that detects heat inside the ear via an infrared sensor at the tip of the unit. The internal temperature of the inner ear is captured in two seconds, so it works quickly enough to get temperature information from an irritable, fidgety or uncooperative child.

Who can use Tympani?

  • Parents of newborn babies will love having Tympani on hand: You can test the child’s temperature without even waking the child.
  • Parents know how hard it is to get some children to sit still and cooperate: The two-second operation of Tympani makes it easy to find out a child’s current temperature.
  • The Tympani is ideal in any home as a medical device for tracking temperature.
  • The Tympani is also ideal for the medical office setting and will allow for medical personnel to collect temperature data efficiently, effectively, and accurately, all while maintaining a patient’s maximum comfort.

The Tympani is an easy-to-use tool that lets you take notes with temperature readings so you can also track the symptoms of illness. You can use the gadget as a health tool for the entire family: The unit establishes separate profiles for every member of the family. The mobile app allows the upload of photos for clear indication account labeling. The Caring Things app acts as the first version of an iPhone health hub, which allows for the user to establish caregiver reminders for . Emojis for tracking how one feels makes it easy to remember your mood when you captured a specific temperature reading and you can even ad quick notes with your recordings.

The Tympani goes beyond being a device that only detects body temperature. It also records temperatures of liquids as well via surface testing, for bottle and baby’s bath water testing. The portable device comes with the unit, a cord, and a stylish carrying case. The Tympani sensor and probe connects to your device via the 3.5 mm microphone jack. The unit is small enough to fit right inside your hand so storage is as easy as tucking it away in your pocket. Since the thermometer works with a charged mobile device, you will not have to worry about faulty temperature output due to low-battery operation.  

Keep current about information related to Tympani by visiting the Facebook page. You can also find out more information about ordering by visiting the official Tympani website.  Visit Caring Things to keep up-to-date with the iPhone health hub platform.