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iPhone Medical Innovation: Smart Thermometer

The iPhone now has become a center for medical innovation as well as our daily entertainment and productivity hub.   The creators of Tympani felt the need for a new thermometer: A unit that could replace classic thermometers while proving less invasive, and less prone to faulty readings, all while making it convenient enough for use on babies, children, adults, and seniors. Hence the creation of a small  device for detecting temperature via the inner ear.  Tympani easily adapts to your life by only requiring a simple iPhone attachment.  Faster than traditional digital thermometers, the Tympani iPhone Ear Thermometer generates temperature results in two seconds!

Two Scenarios as a Practical Medical Innovation

Imagine this scenario: You are the parent of a newborn child that is irritability and crying inconsolably. When you touch the child’s forehead, the baby feels warmer than he does or she should. You want to take the child’s temperature and quickly. With a traditional thermometer or digital thermometer there are several ways to take the baby’s temperature, all of which are complicated when dealing with an angry and irritable sick child. With a newborn, taking an oral temperature is difficult, so you have the option of taking one under the arm, or you can use a forehead thermometer, both of which will provide you with questionable measures of accuracy. An ear thermometer will work, but you want that is fast enough to avoid making your child even more irritable. The speedy temperature reading of the Tympani makes capturing the child’s temperature easy. You can even check temperatures without waking a sleeping child.

Now, think about another scenario where you have a toddler who is tugging at not one, but two ears. The tugging action is indicative of an ear infection, but you will not know until you investigate further. The last thing you want to do is to have to hold an ear thermometer in the child’s ear for an extended period of time to get a temperature reading. It is far better to have on hand the latest iPhone medical innovation to capture the child’s body temperature in seconds. An accurate temperature reading on the child can quickly indicate if a potential ear infection is behind the child’s discomfort as an elevated body temperature is often indicative of potential infection.

What About Adult Use?

This iPhone medical innovation is well suited to adults as well as children. Consider the fact that a person’s actions, such as drinking beverages, consuming food, movement, or physical activity can change body temperature and thusly influence the accuracy of a thermometer reading. By using Tympani, the issue with a faulty temperature reading are instantly avoidable. The small sensor and probe device fits comfortably in one’s hand during use. It has a design that prevents discomfort as it will not allow the device to go too far inside of one’s ear. The eardrum remains protected as a temperature reading is detected from the infrared heat the eardrum and surrounding internal tissues generate within the ear. The temperature appears on the screen of the iPhone device in use through the Caring Things mobile app. Thus, things that would otherwise influence a person’s core body temperature do not have an effect on the reading the Tympani collects.

Tympani Stands Out from the Rest

This temperature tracking medical innovation is not the only device made that collects body temperature readings, but it is still the first in many arenas. The unit is one of the smallest thermometers to date. You can carry it around it its attractive and protective hard case by just slipping it in your pocket. The device allows you to establish an account for separate individuals in a single application. You can upload a personal photo of each family member. It will allow you to track your temperature, height, and weight, and follow a timeline of information you have tracked via the application.