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Modern Medicine and iPhone Uses in Health

The iPhone is an excellent device for helping someone to maintain his or her health. There are many iPhone uses in health with devices and apps available for keeping track of one’s weight, caloric intake, and exercise practices that it is easier than it ever has been for the iPhone user to track and record all health-related activity. Additional health applications, such as symptom checker solutions or pedometers capable of tracking how many steps you take while walking, are really just the beginning of the health care solutions likely to appear for iPhone users. Today, there is another tool that has joined the ranks of smart investments. It is a tool that will assist you in tracking your health from your iPhone, the Tympani smart ear thermometer.

iphone uses for health tympani caring things

The iPhone is quickly becoming one of the best uses for health.

More About the Pediatrician Recommended Tympani

Tympani has been featured on CNET Japan, Cool Wearable, IBME, medGadget, Gizmag, gadgetify, and other media sources. Pediatricians recommend the iPhone ear thermometer as one of the excellent iPhone uses in health, to use for the accurate documentation and recording of body temperatures. A fever acts as the body’s alarm system.

A fever is indicative of an underlying issue that needs immediate attention. The sooner one responds to a fever, the more likely to treat the symptoms and causes. With Tympani, as long as you have your iPhone, you will always have a way of monitoring your temperature.

Simple iPhone Smart Thermometer Operation

Within minutes, the first of many iPhone uses in health will be up and running.  The most time consuming part of the setup process will be deciding what notifications you want to apply.  The app gives you the tools to do the following:

  • Create a personal account that includes a small photo, your name, gender, year of birth, height, and weight
  • Create more than one account
  • Choose temperature reading outputs in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Choose height reading outputs in centimeters or feet
  • Choose weight reading outputs in kilograms or pounds
  • To view a timeline of the temperatures you have captured while using the Tympani ear thermometer

iPhone Uses in Health

The unit works with the Caring Things mobile app of iPhone devices.  Users of health products find they – and their children – like the options of the app as well as the convenience of tools, like the reminder feature.


Your iPhone as one of the prominent uses in personal health makes intuitive sense.  You use your iPhone countless times daily for personal and business use.  Why not use it for health as well?  As years go by, your phone will include more and more capabilities to take, record, track, and utilize your and your family’s healthcare.  The iPhone has the capability to be a complete game-changer in healthcare and how we apply it.  Right now, we have devices, such as Tympani, as the first smart devices in health.