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iPhone: Future of Medicine and Gadgets like Tympani

“iPhone: Future of Medicine,” it sounds strange, but it is indeed true. Who would have believed that our cell phones would one day play a role in medicine and how we track our health? With gadgets like iPhone Smart Thermometer Tympani, it is becoming increasingly evident that the iPhone: Future of Medicine concept is not at all science fiction. Tympani is a pocket sized device that can serve as an iPhone health hub for any individual or family looking to track and record one’s temperature and symptoms related to tracking one’s temperature. The unit is small, affordable, easy to use, and is changing the way people gather data.

Caring Things Mobile App

Tympani is sold with the probe/infrared sensor, a cord, and an attractive, protective black case. It is easy to use at home or ideal for travel as well. The flexibility of the mobile app that goes with Tympani is what makes the device especially useful.  As the future of medicine, Tympani is a small, hand-sized probe with an infrared sensor used for detecting body temperature. The mobile app that works with the device allows you to collect temperature readings, record the findings, add comments about how you feel physically, and employs Emojis to note how you current

iphone thermometer tympani future of medicine -- caring things

The iPhone Thermometer, leads the wave of the smart medicine revolution.

status.  The tool keeps accurate records of your temperature and for reporting the information to your physician for diagnosis.

Tympani’s app was designed for the entire family, as a medical hub in the palm of your hand. With multiple account creations on the app you can keep of your growing family from one convenient location, your iPhone. Playing a prominent role in the future of medicine, you set up personal reminders to check your temperature: A simple tool makes it easy to set up reminders that will alert you to take your or your loved one’s temperature.

Tympani began as a crowd source funding project from Indigogo, and the support for the device’s creation was overwhelmingly positive. The device has also been featured on  Engadget and CNET.  The top feature of the uses was how fast temperature is recorded, which parents find essential with young children.  Compared with a classic digital thermometer, that can take 30 seconds before recording. Tympani produces results in two seconds. You can track temperatures, add personal notes to the temperature being tracked, and never again forget what the last temperature reading you had was or when you took it.

Benefits of Tympani as the Future of Medicine

Tympani has many benefits as an  iPhone smartphone thermometer.  Included in this future of medicine device:

  • Fast and easy temperature recordings
  • Journal and Personalization of health information
  • Small, highyl portable device
  • A comfortable, child-friendly means of gathering temperature readings
  • Designed for those who have ear sensitivities
  • No batteries requiered; Works as long as your iPhone is fully charged
  • Affordability factor is phenomenal
  • The mobile app is easy to install on an iPhone, to use and made simple to navigate for every user