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Tracking Your Health from Your iPhone is So Easy: Introducing the Smart Ear Thermometer

tympani smart ear thermometer -- caring things

Tympani Smart Ear Thermometer quickly and easily records temperatures!

iPhone uses in health tracking and monitoring are quite common these days and such practices are growing in popularity. Now, the Tympani, a Smart Ear Thermometer helps in tracking one’s temperature with considerable ease. The device is the development of an international team that has formed the company, Caring Things. The founders of the company includes Lee Wang and Ryan McManus, both created Tympani as a way of making a major contribution to the world and to change lives for the better.

Engineer, inventor, and founder, Lee Wang shared his reasons behind making the Smart Ear Thermometer on the initial Indiegogo fundraising page for the Tympani.  Wang made Tympani because he found traditional thermometers next to impossible to use with his child, and he wanted a device that was good for travel.  Since one’s temperature is a marker of one’s health, the Tympani was the first healthcare item for the company to develop. Responsible for marketing as well as a founder of Caring Things, Ryan McManus had the need to create a useful device that could change how people live and make lives better.  Todd Leveque, the Product Manager, calls the Tympani a “must have” affordable health solution.

More about the Smart Ear Thermometer

The Tympani is an affordable unit and is presently offered here.  The unit does not require batteries to use, you just plug it into your iPhone.  When you buy the unit it comes with the Tympani earpiece, an extension cord,  and carrying case as well with the app available at the Apple App store. A black carrying case protects the device when not in use.

The exterior shell of the Tympani has a unique design so that it makes it impossible to over insert the device into the ear.  This ensures you do not damage the inner ear or cause any discomfort when you are using the device.

The mobile app has plenty of features so the Tympani can serve as the iPhone health hub it is meant to be:

  • You can create separate accounts for you, your children, and your spouse/significant other
  • You can upload an image of every family member into the app
  • You can track everyone individually
  • Each tracking method allows for the addition of notes
  • Choose Emojis to indicate how one is feeling at the time the temperature is taken
  • Record a timeline of your temperature readings all from one source
  • Have your temperature readings on hand in one place the next time you visit the doctor

The Tympani is easy to use, whether you are using on a child or a senior.  You can also use the device to check the temperature of baby formula and baby’s bath water as well.  Never question whether a baby bottle or a baby’s bath is just right again!

Temperature Range of the Tympani

When taking a smart ear thermometer temperature reading, it will vary from the type of reading you would get if you were taking an oral temperature.  The ideal normal range of temperature when using the Tympani is 96.4 to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.  Bear in mind a person’s average body temperature will become lower as they age.  Based on normal ear temperatures, you can anticipate the following readings with the smart ear thermometer:

  • Ages 0-2: 94.5 to 99.1 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ages: 3-10: 97.0 to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ages 11-65: 96.6 to 99.7 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ages 65 and older: 96.4 to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit