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Take a look around you the next time you walk in a public mall.  Count how many people are not using their iPhones.

iphone thermometer tympani -- caring things

The iPhone Thermometer, leads the wave of the smart medicine revolution.

The phone has evolved from calling, texting, gaming, to now medicine.  It makes intuitive sense that the next evolution in smartphone technology is medicine.  The iPhone thermometer is one of the first smart medicine applications available on the market.

Turning your iPhone into a medical center makes intuitive sense because smartphones are a necessity in our lives.  Within a few years the smartphone market has transformed our technology, culture, and lives.  The iPhone thermometer is one of the first-generation smart medicine devices.  It instantly transforms your smartphone into an iPhone thermometer.

Your smartphone is at the inception of becoming a medical center in which you can track your health, communicate with healthcare professions, and test your vitals.  For example, the ear iPhone thermometer takes your temperature, track it through your profile, and then communicate with doctors and nurses about the best way to treat your symptoms.  It will save you time, energy, and money from seeing a doctor in person when you can virtually send your healthcare data over your phone.

The iPhone thermometer leads the way with the simplicity of its design, use, and profile.  Imagine your child is sick with a fever.  Do you want to go look for an old, antiquated oral thermometer or reach for the newest thermometer on the market?  The newest thermometer also is a medicine center in your hand.  A hub, such as Caring Things, will become the wave of the future keeping track of you and your family’s health.

The medical center in your hand will administer healthcare via virtual communication with doctors.  Teledoctors already exist, writing prescriptions to patients who call them.  The more data teledoctors have the work with, the more they can do for you and the better the healthcare you and your family will receive.  With a central hub, the physicians can fully examine your illness.

With the first generation iPhone thermometer, you have an important first step toward creating a medical hub in your hand.   The medical hub in your hand in the next generation smartphone application and will become a multi-billion dollar industry during the upcoming years.  Here’s your opportunity to be a member of the new technology while affordably, quickly, and productively track the healthcare of your family.  The iPhone thermometer of the future is here.