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The future in smart medicine is here.  Smart medicine will transform healthcare clinics, professionals, and devices into the size of our hands: via the smartphone.  The ability to have a world of technology and information in ours hands will give us the capability to treat our health better than ever imaged.

The smart phone has developed like personal computers.  A necessary, ubiquitous piece of technology that we need in our everyday lives to accomplish the simplest of tasks.  Our often aren’t even for communication, and have been replaced with games, productivity apps, and now medicine.  The capability of a world-class clinic is in our pockets right now.

tympani smart thermometer smart medicine

The future of smart medicine is in our hands today via smart thermometers.

The smart thermometer might be the first smart medicine device you would buy.  By simply attaching the thermometer to your smartphone, you have a powerful device that quickly and easily records your temperature.  But they don’t stop there.  With smart medicine, data collected from your thermometer is recorded on your phone to be used for analyze of the illness and the capability to be shared with healthcare professionals to decide how you should treat the illness.

Smart medicine will save lives, dollars, and time.  For simple checkups, you may use your phone as a conduit to the medical community.  You can send your data to physicians for common illnesses.  Your physicians will recommend treatment and if further appointments with specialists are necessary.  All potentially from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Lives will be saved because of the multitude of information and ease of portable devices.  There’s no place like home and with technology for healthcare professionals monitoring patients at their own homes, healthcare expenses will be minimized from room and board fees.

Several companies are leading the way into the smart medicine revolution.  Their innovation will lead the charge of your smartphone replacing doctor’s visits and fees.  For now, check out the current market of smart medicine will leading companies continue to innovate.