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Buying a smart thermometer is a new thing in parenting.  As your smartphone becomes more and more valuable to your everyday life, it makes perfect sense to p

tympani smart thermometer -- caring things

A look at the fun smart thermometer Tympani!

ut it to use for your family’s health.  Gone are the days we dread pulling out our thermometer.  Here are our five reasons to buy a smart thermometer.

Quick and painless

One of the basics reasons to buy a smart thermometer is that they’re simple, quick, and painless.  Remember when you were a child and dreaded mom pulling out a thermometer and had to painfully wait for its reading?  Those days are gone!  Here, it takes only a couple of seconds!


Buying a smart thermometer is much cheaper than what you think.  In the terms of convenience for your family, it’s a no-brainer.  For a few dollars, you can easily and painlessly track your family’s health.

Tracks your health

Not only will your smart thermometer take your temperature, but it will record it in a log on your smartphone!  It quickly and conveniently records readings so you can analyze your children’s trending temperatures to know if they need to see a healthcare professional.

Relay information to healthcare professionals

If your child unfortunately has become ill, you can efficiently relay the information via your smart thermometer.  With the information literally at hand, you can send the data to your healthcare professional for further instruction of how to treat your child.

Fun and easy to use

Unlike a bland, outdated thermometer, a smart thermometer makes it fun and easy to use.  Many new smart thermometer apps using fun emojis to quickly and easily display the health of your loved ones.  Your children will find the emojis fun and cute!

The smart age is everywhere you look.  The smart thermometer is an important part of your healthcare repertoire.  When your child first starts coming down with something, a product like the Tympani should be the first thing you think of.