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We are reaching the height of the intersection between health and wellness and mobile medical app technology. While today the focus is on the quantified self movement, the future is pointed towards, what we call, quantified health which goes beyond the quantified self to bring a new level of intelligence to digital healthcare.

Whether you are counting steps, calories, or hours spent in the REM sleep period, our obsession with personal data tracking and sharing has become the ultimate affirmation of taking control of personal health and wellness. Wearable devices of all kinds are not just trendy but a seemingly essential component to a healthy lifestyle. Per the quantified self movement, If you didn’t log it or share it, it didn’t happen. Surely medical professionals are thrilled to see their patients further engaging in all aspects of their personal health–but research is slim on mobile health tech and actual changes in behavior.

This is why we believe in Quantified Health instead of Quantified Self. Quantified Health murges proven technologies with expanded access to patients. The goal of Quantified Health is to provide medical professionals with data they can use and rely on and patients with positive and measurable health outcomes. The focus is on consumers and innovation that accelerates adoption.

Too many companies are trying to create a brand new piece of technology which only causes friction within the system.  Only Tesla Motors is willing to put an unproven and untested product in the hands of consumers, and the healthcare industry, understandable so, is much less likely to take this type of risk.
At Caring Things we rely on what we know works. We’ve created Tympani– an ear thermometer that can be used wherever you are whenever you need it. Tympani isn’t complicated, it’s smart and it is specifically designed for telemedicine which we know is the foundation of personalized healthcare.