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Introducing Tympani

The Smart iPhone Thermometer for Parents & Caregivers

Requires no batteries. Takes your temperature in two seconds.

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Tympani iPhone Thermometer Packaging

Track and monitor your wellness with Tympani for iPhone.

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Tympani Smart Thermometer is the perfect iPhone accessory.

Care for the ones you love

Live better with Caring Things!

Caring Things app and Tympani Smart iPhone Thermometer

Caring Things for Caregivers

We made a smart thermometer that was easy to use, portable, and memorable.  Caring Things makes smart devices that help caregivers take care of their loved ones.  Tympani is an infrared thermometer that can be used to read ear temperatures, liquid temperatures, and ambient temperatures.  It comes with an extension cord to make it easy to use.  The Caring Things app for iPhone makes it easy to track temperatures and record symptoms.  Tympani is perfect for parents and anyone that takes their temperature regularly.  Tympani is an iPhone thermometer that never needs batteries or charging so it is ready when you need it.